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1988 Single Family Home


Initially we were contacted by the homeowner to address comfort issues they were experiencing in the bedrooms, and a concern about the home being under insulated. When we arrived for our assessment, we were surprised to discover the insulation was incredibly contaminated with animal excrement and indeed the home was under insulated with leaky duct runs that exacerbated the comfort problems.

"Thanks for this work!
Appreciate y’all's help on everything here. So glad to have some better insulation in time for this weather!"
- Geoff Dice

Before the 360 magic


As we've seen this before, we knew exactly what to do, starting with removing and disposing of all the contaminated insulation, followed by a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the entire attic space.  We located the point of entry for the animals and remediated the situation to prevent them from entering.

Using our propriortary duct sealing methodology, we mitigated the leakage and dampered duct runs to ensure balanced air flow. Additionally we repaired fallen attic wall batt insulation and damaged duct runs. To make the job complete, we dammed, insulated and weatherstripped the attic hatch, and topped it all of with a brand new blown in insulation to R38.

After the 360 magic

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