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Multifamily Properties

Austin Energy’s Multifamily Rebate Program is designed to make energy efficiency upgrades easier and more cost-effective for multifamily properties. Energy efficiency measures will decrease repairs & maintenance expenses, increase tenant comfort, decrease utility costs, reduce service calls & work orders, thereby increasing property values.

Rebates for Multifamily Properties

Austin Energy's extensive rebate offers can help you make smart energy-efficient choices and save money without compromising comfort for your residents.

Helping your residents save on their electric bills is easy when you know how.


We can help.


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Rebates are available to owners of multifamily properties for little to no out-of-pocket expenses.

These upgrades can include smart thermostats, HVAC tune-ups, attic insulation, solar screens, duct sealing & improvements, water saving devices, and LED lighting. All these measures help decrease electric bills and increase your residents comfort.


Multifamily Energy Upgrades


HVAC Changeouts

We work with Apartment Owners and Management companies to drive down your costs when it comes to a retrofit by securing rebate dollars that are available to you.  We handle all the paperwork!

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HVAC Tune-Ups

Does a LITTLE to NO COST Tune Up Program sound too good to be true?  Well, it is true!  We have serviced over 5,000 units with little to no cost to the property owner.


LED Lighting Replacements

Utility programs in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico offer FREE LED replacement for standard bulbs when replacing incandescent bulbs.  

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Smart Thermostats

Did you know that your Multi-Family community could be eligible for FREE WiFi Smart Thermostat replacements?  


Comprehensive Duct Sealing

Our award winning company has duct sealed over 30,000,000 square feet of apartment complexes with Little to No Out of Pocket Expenses to the property owner. Our track record speaks for itself.


Water Saving Devices

Our aerators and showerheads come directly from the finest manufacturer in the industry...Niagra Products.  This is a FREE measure offered by many utility programs.



As with all of our work, we do everything in-house and do not sub-contract any of these measures.  We have worked on millions of square feet of projects and experience counts.  We have seen it all!


Solar Screens

Looking for a way to add appeal to your property and being energy efficient?  Adding NO COST solar screens will keep your residents happy, happy, happy with added comfort and energy efficiency!


Air Duct Replacement

We all know that the duct systems performance will deteriorate over time due to inefficient design, rodents, heat or just poor initial installation.  This is what we do!