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1939 Single Family Home


The homeowners of this classic beauty, contacted us because of numerous issues with comfort, energy costs and a desire to upgrade their ventilation.

The utility bills were astronomically high, plus the home was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The attic was a hot mess! The insulation levels were sporadic and inadequate and filthy from years of animal entry. The duct runs were choked and unbalanced, with undersized plenums and the filter system was low-quality.  There were many ceiling penetrations from can lights that were using heat generating and expensive to operate incandescent bulbs. Plus the homeowner uses the kitchen for beer brewing and wanted to ramp up the exhaust ventilation, which would put the home under large negative pressure.

Before the 360 magic

"The house has been unreal since the upgrades, it's like night and day!
We're honestly surprised at how well the HVAC is working, so we really could not be more pleased. It's been transformational to our ability to live in our house, so overall we're super stoked also really glad you guys and fixed those issues. It makes a huge difference, and it looks a lot better so really appreciate that, and just wanted to say we're really enjoying it - so thank you!"
Spencer Romo


First things first, we removed all the old insulation, and debris from the attic then disinfected the attic floor.  Next, we rebuilt the plenums to the appropriate sizes and added new returns and dampered duct runs, a 4" pleated filter, and balanced the air flow delivery.

Next, we added a new kitchen exhaust fan and to alleviate the negative pressure it would create inside the home, we installed a mechanically dampered fresh air intake system.  All systems go for beer brewing!

Also, we sealed the ceiling penetrations, installed LED lighting throughout, air-sealed the home, added curved-blade supply grills, gave the HVAC system a much needed tune-up, and then finished with a nice new layer of R38 blown insulation throughout the attic. Of course we performed diagnostic testing before and after to insure quality workmanship. The homeowner felt the difference in home performance the very first day!

After the 360 magic

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