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Don't take our word for it.....

Its not just what we do that's important, its also what people have to say.

The game of golf requires one thing, namely, "integrity". Integrity is defined as, "Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty." And so it is with 360 Energy Savers LLC.

Our experience with your firm has been professional and pleasant. Your "Johnny on the spot" service and handling calls is commendable. Carol and I wish you all the best and sincerely say THANK YOU!

- Stan Putman, Homeowner


360 Energy Savers has done a professional and thorough job at cleaning and tuning up our HVAC systems at Cannon South Apartments. Our maintenance tech, who is planning on retiring early 2023, commented that he might stay on another year now because he shouldn't have many HVAC repairs to do after the exceptional work 360 Energy Savers has done at our property!
- Robin Solis, Property Supervisor

I called 360 Energy Savers thinking I needed more or different insulation in my attic. They came and checked it out. I was wrong. My problem was poor seals around many doors but especially poorly sealed air intake ducts leading to my a/c units. They sealed everything well and now my house is not only more efficient and comfortable, but the air quality is noticeably better! I highly recommend these guys!

- Drew Dutton, Homeowner

360 Energy Savers is awesome! These guys were professional, organized and efficient. From initial meeting, quote, on-site work, and inspection. Extremely knowledgeable and true to their commitment. A 4-man crew came out along with Rick (Director of Operations) and one of the owners and every crew member knew exactly what they were doing and there was zero idle time. And they measure the results of the work and provide you the feedback. Couldn't be happier! Refreshing to see a company that shows up on-time and does what they proposed without being prodded.

Great customer experience!
- Scott Gurley, Homeowner

360 Energy Savers are truly the best in Austin! Prompt, professional, and very competitive in their pricing.
- George Weil, Austin

The 360 Energy team seamlessly executed tune-up and upgrade services for the Austin Energy energy savings multifamily rebate program. This yielded significant savings to our client and community, improved HVAC systems performance, and upgraded thermostats to Wi-Fi enabled smart home devices. It is the second time I've worked with them, a total of 744 homes from start to finish. Compliments to all for a job well done!

- Jackie Whitley, Property Manager/Pearl Lantana

360 Energy Savers recently weatherized my home replacing the ducts and insulation in the attic, replacing the weather stripping on my front door, caulking windows and much more. The employees were professional, proficient and cleaned up as they worked. It had to be over 100 degrees in the attic but they worked hard for hours doing their job. Before they left, they tested all the vents to make sure there were no air leaks. I have more air now coming out of the vents and it feels much cooler. I would highly recommend 360 Energy Savers.

- Jo Abatie, Homeowner

Great Company and great guys. I have an older home in Lakeway and thought I needed new duct work. Moore told me to never replace the duct work! Apparently, metal duct work is the best there is. They insulated my attic, sealed the ducts, got the house tight and we are comfortable. They even removed an old basketball goal that had been driving me nuts for years. I am so happy and relieved I called them. They did a wonderful job for me and my family.

- Callan Nokes, Homeowner

I can't believe it but these guys did the impossible on an old farmhouse. We had raccoons, birds and mice that destroyed the house - but 360 Energy Savers spent 2 full days on the farmhouse and they sealed up the duct system and the house is no longer drafty. They got the AC working again and performed a bunch of tests with diagnostic equipment. The owner said "I did not think we could get it to Home Performance with Energy Star standards, but sure enough, we did." This company is solid, they are straight with you, work hard, and take pride in what they do. What more can you ask for?

- Steven Rice, Homeowner

I was very satisfied with the insulation job and air condition system installation at my house in San Antonio. So I decided to have them insulate my Medina Lake house at well. I highly recommend 360 Energy Savers, and I can guarantee that you will be very satisfied with their work. I would give them an excellent rating.

- Ernest Rodriguez, Homeowner

Ruben and the team went out of their way to make my apartment home more energy efficient and made me feel like I was a priority. I really felt comfortable and respected by the team. They took extra precaution when needed to and followed up with me to make sure I was satisfied. I would HIGHLY suggest using them for all your upgrade and HVAC maintenance needs. A++

- Jason Stovall, Multifamily Resident

I called 360 Energy Savers thinking I needed more or different insulation in my attic. They came and checked it out. I was wrong. My problem was poor seals around many doors but especially poorly sealed air intake ducts leading to my a/c units. They sealed everything well and now my house is not only more efficient and comfortable, but the air quality is noticeably better. I highly recommend these guys!

- Drew Dutton, Homeowner

360 provides great, timely customer service

- Dona Kappmeyer, Homeowner

I'd like to take the time to share with you the great experience I had with 360 Energy Savers, their crew, their supervisor, Reuben, and the owner/office staff. First, the crew worked very hard all the time they were at our home. No one stood around. Everyone kept moving making progress the whole time they were on the job. stayed near because it was my personal home, I knew that the process would be very involved, as Austin Energy's rep had detailed out and consequently potentially problematic. However, I was pleasantly surprised Secondly, the crew was friendly, courteous, efficient, skilled, neat, cleaned up after themselves and worked together very effectively. Their supervisor, Reuben, closely oversaw their work, provided support and effective leadership. He kept me informed of their progress and updated me throughout the day as to their progress. When they broke for lunch they let me know they were leaving and when they would be back. Th guys had a good attitude and smiled as they sweated, and they appeared to enjoy their work. Really a pleasant surprise. The work they did was immediately felt. We have a special needs son and he gets hot very easily. We had been keeping the thermostat at around 68*. We were able to set our thermostat two degrees higher after the work was complete without any sacrifice in comfort (in fact the two degree set up was necessary in order to NOT BE TOO COOL!) As advertised the air flow increased dramatically. The outside temperatures were in the 80's during the day that they came. It had warmed up considerably during their work as it was necessary to shut off the A/C while they worked but, our house rapidly cool down in a few short hours and it became obvious that we would have to set the thermostat warmer to remain comfortable.

They performed a number of tasks outlined by Austin Energy and we look forward to saving money on our bills in the coming years. It's too early to be able to report on any savings but, I'm convinced that based on the new thermostat settings and increased air flow that the savings will be there. The company, 360 Energy Savers, coordinated well with the field operations. Their staff coordinator, Pamela, was efficient, friendly, and competent. Their owner, Mr. McDonough was caring, followed through, and followed up to see how their folks performed. He was also open to minor suggestions I had as to improving their services. I know this letter sounds as if I'm somehow affiliated with them, but I proclaim that I am NOT! This IS a true accounting of my experience with these folks! It's been a very pleasant surprise/experience to work with Austin Energy and 360 Energy Savers. My background makes me uniquely qualified to judge their services. I am a 63-year-old who is a 32-year veteran high end home builder/general contractor in the Austin area. In addition, I worked in the trades in my 20s. I have had the pleasure/honor to work with many of Austin's finest architects (many of whom were cutting edge "green" technologies designers). I also worked in Austin's finest affluent neighborhoods. I worked with well educated, demanding, discriminating clientele. Many were engineers, lawyers, doctors, high ranking military officers and business owners, often having/being multiples of the aforementioned. l've honed my skills as a business owner, manager of trades/vendors, job site management, client interaction and supervising supervisors over the years, therefore, I'm uniquely qualified to put the services that 360 Energy Savers rendered in perspective against the backdrop of my experience.

With all sincerity, we had a great experience with these folks. It is refreshing that there is a company who performs this well available to Austin Energy's customers.


- Charles Stockton, Homeowner

Great people and great company. So very pleased. You will not go wrong entrusting 360 Energy Savers with improving your home.

- Ann Carr Homeowner

Thank you for insulating my attic and improving my duct work along with everything else you did. We needed work and you delivered!  My kids are finally comfortable upstairs and I just laugh when I get my electric bill.  An August bill used to cost me $1,600 and now, it is about $600, and that is with a pool!
- Rich Beem, Lakeway

Allelueh! I cannot believe that when you turned on the AC in my apartment that the blinds on the sliding glass door started to move - that had never happened before.  We now have air and it is cold! No more sweating through another summer and paying high utility bills. You are going to save us some money. I need to thank my landlord for calling you. We are very comfortable, thank you.
- Dwayne Square II, Tenant

Since you have retrofitted our community, we have had 2 weeks of high temperatures, most over 100 degrees.  For the first time, we have not had one complaint from any of our residents about the temperature or comfort of their residence.  Most importantly, we have not had any maintenance calls with regard to HVAC equipment issues.  Thank you!
- Joe Gerradi, Maintenance Supervisor

We have already seen a decrease in our electric bill!  It is WONDERFUL and AWESOME!  Thank you.
- Shannon Hill, Homeowner

We want to thank you again for a job well done.  The effects are very noticeable already.  The house is more comfortable and we did not yet have to use the heater for the upstairs zone.  Your guys were also very neat, organized and professional.  All in all, it's the best investment we ever made!

- Ilonka and Pim Visser, Homeowners

Thank you much for another great job!  I look forward to working with you again in the near future. 

- Jane Chopp, Coldwell Banker United Realtors

360 has now performed two energy audits for two of my listings.  He is prompt on his communications with my sellers, very professional and extremely proficient and knowledgeable about the process and communicates with all parties concerned.  I had one older home with a lot of energy loss issues and Moore went beyond the call of duty spending extra time helping the seller understand the problems and solutions.  I highly recommend him and the quality service he offers.     

- Abbe Waldman, Realtor/Broker Associate - Sky Realty

I just retired from the Army and I have very high expectations of people.  Your staff exceeded those expectations as they were very respectful of my home, very professional and very knowledgeable.  In fact, I solicited bids for this work.  The others were trying to "sell" me $2,000 to $3,000 in upgrades.  You were a "straight shooter" and told me what I needed.  All told, after rebates, I spent $250.00 out of pocket.  You were the only contractor that I trusted.

- Jimmy Bruinsma, Homeowner

A client took my suggestion and hired 360 Energy Savers to test her early 1980's house.  It was an excellent decision as they showed up on time, were efficient, professional, and finished in a timely manner.

- Phyllis Kaufmann, Northwest Horizon Properties

It has been great to work with you.  You have definately earned any referrals that Jen and I have the opportunity to give.

- Mark Charbonneau, Homeowner

Add my name to your list of highly satisfied customers.  One tenant said that her Austin Energy bill was reduced by about $75.00/month.

- Jim Lodwicki, Property Manager

I would highly recommend 360 as they were able to accomodate a very tight schedule and they performed their work with excellence, efficiency, and ahead of schedule.

- Jessica Steinbomer, Homeowner

Thank you so much for the work done on our home!  The amount of care, concern, and passion for making our home more energy efficient AND more livable was amazing.  I highly recommend your company.

- Shannon and Andy Harkins, Homeowners

Everything went so well and you were very helpful with everything.  We are very satisfied with the work you did, and most importantly - you are just a nice person.    

- Jesse and Mary Guijardo, Homeowner

Whoo hooo!  Got my electricity bill today thru August 27th and it was down $140.00 and we were gone 4 days.  Thank you so much!

- Paula Moore, Trinity Title

Thank you so very much for your prompt, courteous service.  It was so good to know that through your expertise, we could confidently place our Mother's home on the market knowing she had maintained an energy efficient home.   

- Jan Golightly

Thank you so much for your service at my listing on Rowena Ave.  I couldn't have been more impressed with your high level of professionalism.  Before your appointment, you sent out an email that outlined what the owner should expect, how long it would take, what time you would show up and hot to prepare the house, ie. any covered floor vents, etc. You showed up on time and basically, your proactive approach is exactly what is needed.  It makes you and I both look good in front of my owners/clients and that alleviates their concerns.Thank you and I look forward to working with you again.     

- Jeff Mikeska, Jacobs and Mikeska Realtors

Sure glad my landlord called you!  I had no idea what I was missing - COOL AIR!  I cannot wait till I get my next utility bill.    

- Toni WIlliams, Tenant

Allelueh!  I cannot believe that when you turned on the AC that the blinds on the sliding glass door started to move - that had never happened before.  We now have air and it is cold!  No more sweating through another summer and paying high utility bills.  You are going to save us some money.  I need to thank my landlord for calling you.  We are very comfortable.  Thank you.     

- Dwayne Square II, Tenant

I noticed a difference on the first night!  My house is finally retaining its heat and the unit doesn't have to work very hard.  The house is finally sealed up and the unit hardly has to run to keep a constant temperature in the house.  Having the ductwork re-sealed was a wonderful decision as well.  Some vents in the house barely had a trickle of air coming out of them, and I assumed that the unit wasn't strong enough.  I was wrong; now that the ducts are sealed, all of the vents in the house are blowing lots of air.  It's amazing to think that for the last two years, most of my cold/hot air has been leaking into the attic.  Thanks again for all of your help. 

- Chris Crider, Homeowner

I would highly recommend 360 Energy Savers for an Energy Audit.  They were available on short notice, extremely reasonably priced and delivered the energy audit in record time!  For a number of reasons, the property was not the easiest to review.  However, he got it done.  He's my energy auditor from now on!  

- Lynn Saarinen, Realtor 

We are comfortable - finally!  I love my place but the electric bill was killing us.  We saw an improvement right away.

- Jesse Trevino, Homeowner

If you need energy efficienct improvements and want the best out of your money, call 360.  I am so happy that my landlord contacted you.  Not only do we have good, clean and cold air now, I know the insulation will keep us very comfortable as well.

- Quarthisha, Tenant

What can you say about a company that saves you thousands of dollars!  Mr. McDonough and team have done just that! My wife and I moved into our current home a few years ago.  Ever since, we've been struggling with the heating and cooling system.  In the summer, we simply could not get the temperature to a comfortable level.  Attempting to do so would usually end in the air conditioner freezing over.  In the winter, we could usually get the house to a comfortable temperature - but not without keeping the system running almost constantly.   We've had people out to look at our system - and they all said the same thing; "you need a new unit".  Our system is fifteen years old, so I had no doubt the advice was sound. So upon looking at the Austin Energy website, I noticed Austin Energy was offering a free home performance evaluation through various participaing companies -- which seemed like the right thing to do before purchasing a new unit.  After looking at a few of the participating companies, I selected 360 Energy Savers.  Why, because most of the companies that provide FREE ENERGY AUDITS also sell AC systems, 360 Energy Savers does not. Mr. McDonough arrived to evaluate our home and informed me that I may not need to purchase a new AC system after all.  He said they improve what we already have.  I was skeptical, but I booked them to do the work -- and I am glad I did. The 360 Energy Savers team discovered that we had been losing over 60% of our airflow to the attic due to poor duct work.  Mr. McDonough and team reduced that to 7%. We noticed a difference as soon as the work was done.  We could actually feel the air coming out of the vents for the very first time! Mr. McDonough provided all the paperwork for qualifying rebates.  There were two; one for Austin Energy and one for Texas Gas (which I hadn't been aware of). The 360 Energy team have kept in touch with me even after their visit.  They followed up and made sure that the work had been performed to my satisfaction and that I am enjoying my new-found comfort! I cannot recommend 360 Energy Savers highly enough.  My only regret is that I didn't call them earlier.  

- David del Rio, Homeowner

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