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Less Phone Calls - Less complaints about;

  • Odors/Smells from adjoining tenants.

  • Less noise from adjoining tenants.

  • Less complaints about the apartment unit being too hot or too cold.

  • Less dust.

Maintenance Staff- After sealing the duct system the air handler is pulling conditioned air vs. air through the walls, attic, or shared space with the adjoining apartment units.

  • Prolonged life of the AC system components.

  • Your maintenance staff is free to do other projects.

Other Benefits:

  • Higher retention rates…….less make ready expenses.

  • Market to prospective tenants that your property is energy efficient (show them the plaques that will be furnished to you when we finish the job). Your MF ECAD AUDIT will be updated to show the energy efficiency improvements.


  • Improves CAP rate as less is spent on repairs and maintenance, improved tenant retention, and less make ready expenses.

  • Improves property value.

  • Saves on utility bills for common areas and water savings.

  • Market the property as energy efficient.

  • Existing MF ECAD AUDIT is automatically updated to reflect energy efficiency improvements.


  • Utility savings ranging from 10% to 40% (23% on average)

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Less noise and smells from adjoining neighbors

  • A higher level of comfort

Let's complete your circle (360) towards energy efficiency!

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