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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a whole-house approach to energy efficiency. By making energy efficiency improvements to your home, you can make your home and wallet healthier as you improve indoor air quality and save money on your monthly bill...........


"The average home in Austin has an existing insulation value of R-11, equal to approximately 4 inches of insulation" 


​Perfection..smooth and even coverage

Use the rebates from austin energy and texas gas to limit your out of pocket expenses!

Whether you need to insulate your attic or walls, we have you covered!

Attic Insulation

What We Do!

  • Dam/cover all recessed light penetrations (Can lights).

  • Seal all attic hatches.                                

  • Insulate all attic hatches
  • Insulate all knee walls.
  • Install attic rulers every 100 to 150 feet
  • Install insulation batts or duct board in attic hatch openings to prevent insulation from falling.
  • Install insulation batts around all drain pans to prevent insulation from clogging the drain lines.
  • Use baffles to maximize airflow.
  • Install product spec sheet and installation tag.
  • Clean out water heater and furnace drain pans to prevent overflow.

​Wall lnsulation

What We Do!

  • Seal all penetrations

  • Ensure a tight fit and secure insulation batts to surface with adhesive!


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