Work Scopes:

Attic Insulation (Blown Fiberglass or Cellulose)

  • ​Dam/cover all recessed light penetrations

  • Seal all attic hatches.                                

  • Insulate all attic hatches

  • Insulate all knee walls.

  • Install attic rulers every 100 to 150 feet

  • Install batts or duct board in attic hatch openings to prevent insulation from falling.

  • Install batts around all drain pans to prevent insulation from clogging the drain lines.

  • Use baffles to maximize airflow.

  • Install product spec sheet and installation tag.

  • Clean out water heater and furnace drain pans to prevent overflow.


Wall Insulation (Fiberglass or Cellulose Batt Insulation)

  • Seal all penetrations with 35 year silicone caulk and/or Hilti fire retardant foam.

  • Install faced or open faced Batts.

  • Affix Batts securely with adhesive or staples.​

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