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Our beginning to end approach
allows you to construct a home that will last for generations.


Green Building

Building is a science.  Sustainability is creative.  

It’s merging the two that truly makes a
building high-performance.

Austin Energy Green Building
Extended Area Rating Services

This local program incorporates proven green building strategies that advance Austin's environmental initiatives and help make building codes more comprehensive. The rating system evolves along with new technologies and the evolution of sustainable building practices. AEGB ratings aren’t one-size-fits-all. Along with standard basic requirements, ratings are determined using a set of measures within multiple sustainability categories. Both remain constant from the project's beginning to its completion, so goals are clearly defined and are easier to meet.

Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) works with Extended Area Raters, like 360 Energy Savers, to administer single family ratings for projects outside of the Austin Energy service area. Extended Area Raters offer builder support, inspections, and compliance reviews of program credits. They also submit documentation to AEGB for review and certification. We also offer additional support services, such as energy modeling or performance testing.

  • Fees — Extended Area Rating fees are market-driven based on project location, size, and complexity.

  • Area — The extended rating area includes 27 neighboring counties in Climate Zones 2.2 and 3.1, east of the Moist/Dry Line and west of the Brazos River. It does not include Bexar County, which is in Build Green San Antonio’s rating area.

Green Building Consulting Services

Our line of green building services is designed to identify cost effective and energy saving measures for residential, multifamily and commercial properties.  We work with Architects, Builders, Developers, Contractors, Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals as a trusted independent third-party. We find the best suited building programs available and apply our access to millions of dollars worth of consumer research to every project.


Using building science principles we independently verify, test, rate, certify, report and develop complete targeted marketing campaigns. This beginning-to-end strategy is designed to help you achieve the goal of building and selling certified high-performance homes, multifamily properties and commercial buildings.


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