Whether due to fire, water, mold or rodent damage, your existing insulation must come out as soon as possible from a health and performance standpoint.  If you have a rodent issue, additional damage can occur to your duct system and wiring. This is why time is of the essence.  Give us a call at your first opportunity so that we can make arrangements to get your attic back in good shape and performing properly.

What We Do:

  • Removal process is safe, quick, and 100% GUARANTEED.

  • We use our powerful vacuums with 2 catch boxes (for nails, debris) which eliminates down time due to damaged hoses.

  • Discard the old insulation safely and without damage to your property.

  • Disinfect the attic floor and place deodorizers throughout the attic area.

  • We will seal all penetrations in the attic floor prior to installing new insulation.

  • We will use dehumidifiers if necessary to dry out affected areas.


  • Customers have reported improved indoor air quality

  • Customers have also reported a decrease in dust, mold and mildew smells 


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accidents happen, But act quickly.


Damaged Ducts......VERY NASTY, this is the air you breathe!